hi this is my art blog where i post my drawings when im not lazy

sorry for the lack of posting i dont know what to draw anymore 

i spent more time on the flowers than i did on the rest lmao

K: This cotton candy is bigger than your face 
J: Shut up and let me eat

happy belated birthday amy haha…. OTL i hope i drew your characters right lmao

A heaven of abandoned stars
River running black and red
Fight your way through crowds and cars
As rockets flower overhead

Meet me in the dust cloud
As The Towers topple over ground
We can be ghosts now
We don’t ever have to make a sound

i wanted to do keychains of everyone but i stopped caring after clear dont hurt me if anyone cares i’ll do someone else (theyre transparent)

experimentation yeeee
i couldn’t pick which one since i like both so much 

ive gotten so tired that i dont even wanna draw anymore


so many problems so much lazy

-  oncethesleepcomes asked  -
hello. i really really like your art a lot. <3

oh my gosh thank you (/)u(\)


i decided to stop being a lazy fuck and actually line and color. now i remember why i hated doing it in the first place. but i think it turned out nice

finally finished something 

i wanted to draw me stylized in adventure time but it looks more like bravest warriors (/u_u\)

head sketches of girls :T

yay jellyfishes `u`


i finally drew my new leaf characterrrr gosh it’s been well over 4 months since i’ve had this game it’s still enjoyable `u`

fire     2 of 5     blood