shits and giggles
hello !! im julie, this is my art blog where i draw sometimes!

sketch dump


just a bunch of hooligans with an escaped test subject running around spreading havoc in a dystopian world nbd

Hinata wants to ask you out on a date

princepancake ‘s doodle in my sketchbook. here u go piss baby

The world isn’t as kind as you think


for my bae melonprince, only half way finished bc i got utterly lazy

thx bae 

lucomplex ‘s commission yaaaay i finished it after 50 years im sorry vivian *^* i didnt even draw the rain haha.. 

kuroo and a little kenmas sleeping on his shoulder *^*

ur gross

i needed something for class the next day and it was late even though this was rushed i like how it turned out hah

it started with beans with limbs that escalates to boys then beaten up boys yaaaay

uee cute children

I’m gonna start posting Pancake and Melon things here. boop

i made a bunch of mask characters in a an end-of-the-world type of concept a few months ago, maybe ill start drawing them. 

passing time ;;